Many coaches have their own way of assessing Talent. In most youth sports, this presents a challenge.

Some coaches in youth sports lack the ability to identify the potential of an athlete. This may be because of a short tryout/assessment opportunity, differing opinions on the athlete’s ability, lack of understanding of athlete development concepts (Physical, Mental), etc. It is not necessarily the coaches role to assess this area. They are assessing whether the skill set of the athlete meets the needs of the overall team or level of competition. Sometimes a coach will have experience in TalentID and try to support athletes in this area.

Many athletes share experiences having been identified as not being good enough in a particular sport. This may be due to a specific team’s needs (E.g. a basketball team does not need 5 point guards), a player’s skills set, puberty, residency, etc. We can help you to explore this area and find out in more detail what TalentID means and how it may present itself to your athletes.