SI/EI: Social and Emotional Intelligence development seems to be  the difference maker in a career. No, intelligence is NOT a predictor of career success or happiness. Complete an EI test and assessment and learn what areas you can improve on to become a highly emotionally intelligent individual ready to contribute more to every environment you are in.

Respect in Sport Training: Online certification – How should an Athlete behave? To staff, to teammates, to families, to the community? Coaches Association of Ontario Certification an athlete can complete online.

Communication, verbal and nonverbal: Did you know that body position releases hormones that can aid in sport performance? And job interviews? Learn some improved verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Conflict resolution: Conflicts are a part of life in personal and other relationships. Learn some strategies to engage in conflicts in a more appropriate manner.

Leadership: Do you want to be a leader on your team or in a particular environment you are in? Learn some proven leadership abilities that can help you become a better leader.

Team culture building: The teams with the most talent do not always succeed or excel. Team culture management is essential! Find out what you can do or your team can do to facilitate the best environment for success.

Stress management: Stress-management needs to be addressed! Students and young adults today face increasing levels of stress. Learn some strategies to face the inevitable stressors of managing life.

Mental health support: Athletes have a higher risk of Mental Health Issues. As we are Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) certified we can provide support for your mental health and wellness. We are also able to identify when you need additional support that is beyond our scope.

Digital Literacy and Social Media Practice for Athletes: Appropriate Digital Practices and strategies for career development.