Keeping pathways open to the NCAA, OHL, and core courses needed to the NCAA – they start in grade 9!! Learn more about how to explore scholarship opportunities in sport or academic, activities, certifications and programs available for resume building and career exploration. E.g. Take Your Kid to Work Day. Assistance choosing high school courses and options available in the community such as EduTravel or online.

Strong Interest Inventory Assessment: Grade 10+  

*Extremely popular choice – $375 for online assessment, 23 page report, 2 hour consultation, and follow up email with information on specific schools. (In a group of 2 $325)

The average cost of a degree in Ontario when living away from home is $60,000. Why would anyone even consider paying for that without exploring the available options that suit their son or daughter best?

Making college/university life satisfying and rewarding requires both selecting the right academic major and creating a campus and community life that is personally enriching.

The Strong Profile, takes the wealth of career interest data provided in the Strong Profile one step further. An additional personalized report helps students explore the path that is right for them by identifying specific college courses, jobs or internships, and extracurricular activities that will allow them to express their unique interests and personal style.

Step-by-step advice on how to evaluate academic majors that fit their interests and preferences provides extra help for college students beginning to prepare themselves for success in the world of work.

What are your interests in life and subjects in school? Do you know the difference between the universities and colleges and programs available at each? We help in exploring Majors and programs at University and College.