University/College, application support, pathway planning, high school course selections

*The Strong Interest Inventory is strongly suggested.

We insist the majority of university applications be completed by December 22, 2017, the last Friday before the Christmas Break. Too many students are completing the online process over the break and the first week back in January. There seems to be a lot more problems/system freezing due to the numbers of students leaving it to just before the deadline date. This definitely needs to be avoided!!

Unique education opportunities, travel abroad, online, night school, etc.

Grade 11 marks DO MATTER, especially for early acceptance and scholarship opportunities.

Do you know which University or College Program to choose?  We have a network of hundreds of contacts currently in programs all over the country. We have insider information regarding programs, professors, co op, and other information not usually found on school websites. E.g. What is the difference between Kinesiology at Western, and Human Kinetics at Windsor or Guelph?

A LOT! They are not similar. Marks to get in those programs are not similar. E.g. Your average may get you a scholarship up north and not any money in Toronto. This is very valuable information not easily found by parents or students.